Parasites #2

(BPCARASIT2X7) Threadworm

ENTEROBIUS VERMICULARIS NOSODE (pinworms) Symptoms include frequent and strong itching of the anal area, restless sleep due to the itching and discomfort of the anal area, and pain with rash and skin irritation around the anus. Pinworms can be identified by checking the child’s anus during the night when the pinworms exit the body.

FILIX MAS (male fern) The symptom picture of Filix mas includes many abdominal and stomach disorders. Some of them are a match for a parasite infestation. Symptoms include great pain in the abdomen with gnawing and boring pains, and torpid inflammation of the lymph glands.

BRAYERA ANTHELMINTHICA (KOUSSO) Kousso symptoms include thirst, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, exhaustion, and fatigue. Kousso expels worms, but causes no improvement in the emaciation and weakness that the worms have created. All parasite cleanses need to be followed with healing remedies and good nutrition.