Parasites #3


Symptoms in small children are gastrointestinal in nature. There is abdominal diarrhea, possible growth retardation, mucus in the sinuses, asthma, and nervousness.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ARTEMISIA ANNUAM (sweet wormwood) Artemisia annua has no homeopathic provings but is closely related to Artemsia vulgaris which is well-renowned for the expulsion of parasites.

CHELIDONIUM MAJUS (greater celandine) Symptoms of this remedy include rumbling and diarrhea, distention of the abdomen, tenderness in the epigastrium region, alternating diarrheas and constipation, crawling and itching in the rectum, and a sensation as if the anus were contracted alternating with itching during stool.

NATRUM MURIATICUM (sodium chloride) Children with worm infestations are often late in learning to talk and walk. Other symptoms include abdomen that is swollen with colic, rumbling, constipation and diarrhea on alternating days, and unquenchable thirst.

SYZYGIUM AROMATICUM (clove oil) There are no homeopathic provings of clove oil yet but t he oil is widely used in the expulsion of worms and parasites and relieves gas pains and cramping.

VIOLA ODORATA (sweet-scented violet) This homeopathic remedy is well known for the expulsion of worms, particularly in children. Symptoms include distension of abdomen, bed-wetting in nervous children, violent itching at the anus, and the urine is milky with a strong smell.

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