Rescue Remedy

Five-Flower Formula.

Rescue remedy can be regarded as a single remedy although it is a composite of 5 flower essences. Rescue Remedy is most effective when used on the occasion of any profound trauma or emergency in helping the person cope with extreme pain and shock. Rescue remedy brings immediate calm and helps with the physical and emotional aspects of shock.

This formula is also useful for energy work when the client becomes too involved in the trauma they are trying to work on. I have also found this remedy to be a wonderful resource for children that are upset or frightened.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CHERRY PLUM (flower essence) Cherry Plum increases feelings of being guided and protected. It nourishes spiritual surrender and trust, allowing for stability even in times of crisis. This remedy alleviates fears of losing control in stressful situations and calms the mind during times of extremes of tension and fear.

CLEMATIS (flower essence) Clematis is for states of shock where there is a need to bring the person into focus on the present moment because it encourages practical and helpful responses to stress and injury.

IMPATIENS (flower essence) Impatiens helps to inspire patience and acceptance of circumstances and the flow of things around them. (I love that the name impatiens reminds me of the lack of patience I so often display when I am under stress!) Impatiens is in this remedy to provide the calm assurance that things are being taken care of in a timely, or at least acceptable, fashion and that things will turn out OK.

ROCK ROSE (flower essence) Rock Rose is a remedy for the inspiring of courage, inner peace, and tranquility when facing great challenges or even injuries. This remedy helps to bring calmness in the face of deep fear, terror, panic, and the fear of death or serious pain. Rock rose is of value whenever there is extreme fear, pain, grief, or loneliness.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM (flower essence) Star of Bethlehem increases a person’s ability to accept help from the spiritual realm. Star of Bethlehem is a deeply restorative remedy—can bring a sense of calm peacefulness and the assurance that there is help from loved ones beyond the veil. This remedy is useful for any shock or trauma—makes little difference whether the event was recent or was in the distant past.

All five of these remedies may be used on their own, but they are particularly effective when combined into a single bottle and administered together in this manner.

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