Respiratory #2


This remedy was potentized (made into a Homeopathic/Blessed Water energetic remedy) from two herbal ingredients. Osha is considered one of nature’s strongest anti-viral remedies. Lungwort, reflecting its name in its healing properties, is known to be effective for pulmonary issues from mild ones (coughing, hoarseness, irritation) to deeper ones such as bleeding in lung tissues.

The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

LIGUSTICUM PORTERI (osha) Herbally, osha is considered one of the best treatments for viral infections. It is also used for eliminating toxins through sweating, as a stomach remedy where there has been much vomiting, for lowering blood pressure, inducing uterine contractions, and for the slowing os post-partum bleeding.

PULMONARIA OFFICINALIS (lungwort) This plant has been cultivated for centuries as a medicinal herb. Its symptoms include many pulmonary complaints, it stops bleeding, improves tissue firmness., alleviates cough, helps with hoarseness. aids mild lung problems, and soothes throat irritation.

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