Respiratory #3

(Smoker’s cough)


This combination remedy appears to focus in dry, irritated coughs that are made worse from changes in atmospheric pressure such as flying or weather changes. Interestingly, the symptoms are made worse by deep breathing (running or just trying to take deep breaths) and are often triggered by bouts of anger or resentment that is help deep inside the mind and heart.

The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

IODUM PURUM (iodine) This remedy affects all glandular structures. Symptoms include many acute disorders of the respiratory system, acute catarrh of all mucus membranes, dry irritated cough which is worse at night, suffocating cough—and hardly get a breath, and pneumonia. Other symptoms include weight loss in spite of a good appetite. The weight loss often continues to the point of emaciation.

MYRTUS COMMUNIS (myrtle) This remedy has a powerful action on the upper part of the left lung and is indicated for dry hollow cough from upper anterior portion of lungs, dryness in the throat, stitching pain running from left breast through to the scapula, cough with great tightness in the lungs, and coughing of blood. The symptoms of Myrtus are worse from changes in atmospheric pressure.

RANUNCULUS SCELERATUS (buttercup) Symptoms include anxious oppressed breathing with a great desire to get a deep breath, gnawing pain in the left palm (this is the heart region in footzone and reflexology), and sore burning behind the sternum. The symptoms are worse for deep breathing and are triggered by anger. The symptoms are mostly right-sided.

THIOSINAMINUM Thiosinaminum as a dramatic action on the lymphatic glands. The only lung symptoms are accelerated respiration and lack of elasticity in tissues and organs, including the lungs. Thiosinaminum dissolves scar tissue and keloids and is said to work with tumors and enlarged glands.

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