Respiratory #5

(Kidney ailments and early diabetes)


The remedies in this combination influence far more than lung issues. They target kidneys, glands throughout the body, the pancreas, eyes that are sensitive to light, bone diseases, headaches, confusion, difficulty concentrating, and depression brought on by recent or even long unprocessed grief and loss.

The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA (calcium phosphate) Symptoms include rattling of mucus in the lungs, enlargement of tonsils, breathing is more frequent than it should be and is short and difficult, a child loses breath on being lifted up, suffocating attacks in children following nursing—the breathing is made worse by crying. There is a predisposition to glandular and bone diseases. Ailments of this remedy are brought on by grief, either recent or unprocessed.

EQUISETUM HYEMALE (horsetail) The purpose of Equisetum hyemale in this remedy is to support the kidneys through the rigors of a respiratory illness.

FERRUM IODATUM (iron iodide) The symptom picture of the remedy includes chronic pneumonia., shortness of breath—must take deep breaths in order to get oxygen, and enlarged glands.

FUMARIA OFFICINALIS (fumitory) This remedy also has action on the kidneys. Symptoms include backache, bloating, flatulence, headache, confusion and great difficulty concentrating.

NASTURTIUM AQUATICUM (watercress) As an herbal remedy, watercress is related to strictures in the urinary/bladder system.

NATRUM SULPHURICUM (sodium sulfate) Symptoms include asthma that is worse in damp weather, pain in the lower left chest, cough with roughness in the throat, eyes sensitive to sunlight, and depression.

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