The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CHAMOMILLA VULGARIS (German chamomile) The symptoms of Chamomilla include being oversensitive to caffeine—high, then total crash, tired but cannot rest, sleeplessness due to pain of any sort, and anxious frightened dreams with half-open eyes.

EPHEDRA VULGARIS (ma huang) Ephedra, in herbal form, has long been used as a tonic and mild stimulant for those recovering from a debilitating illness. There is apathy and deep fatigue with a great longing for sleep that does not come.

HEPAR SULPHURIS CALCAREUM (calcium sulphide) Hepar is noted for great debility. The eyes and eyelids become inflamed. The person experiences a lot of vertigo and falls asleep at inappropriate times and places.

NATRUM NITRICUM (sodium nitrate) Natrum muriaticum has a list of symptoms related to sleep. I can find none on record for this remedy. It is good for great irritability and dull headache.

STERCULIA ACUMINATA (kola nut) There is very little known about this remedy either as an herb except that it gives the power to endure prolonged physical exertion without taking food and without feeling fatigued. The homeopathic remedy is for exhaustion after prolonged exertion and for blood sugar issues that become worse when meals are missed.

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