Tension #1

Stress, nervousness, anxiety, pressure headaches in back of neck, and post-partum depression.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CHAMOMILLA VULGARIS (German chamomile) Chamomilla is particularly suited to irritable, sensitive, discontented, whining children and their adult counterparts. I would have to list Chamomile as a very mild, but extremely important, polycrest for any hypersensitivity of the nervous system. The person is dissatisfied with everything and can turn suddenly spiteful and irritable. A keynote of this remedy is that the person lives in the past, dwelling on past irritations and slights by other people.

HUMULUS LUPULUS (hops) The Humulus person is highly excited and excitable. Other symptoms include mental confusion, violent pulsating of temporal and carotid arteries, frequent startling from a deep sleep, dull headache with dizziness, and a weak and slow pulse.

KALI PHOSPHORICUM (potassium phosphate) Like all remedies containing phosphorus, this is a remedy for mental and physical exhaustion caused by overwork, overexcitement, or worry. There is a great sensitivity to light and noise and sleeplessness because the mind is over-active with worry.

RED CHESTNUT (flower essence) This Bach flower was listed under the group For Those Who Have Fear by Bach. There is extreme physical nervousness, with tightening of the stomach from fear. The fear of this remedy is fear for the welfare of others, particularly family and friends. There is a very great difference that is experienced by the energy system when we move from loving compassion to the counterfeit emotion of worry. Unless our worry moves us to appropriate action, it harms us while doing no good for the person about whom we are worrying.

WILLOW (flower essence) The negative emotions of Willow flower essence are despondency and despair, resentment, bitterness, chronic repression of aggressive or irritable impulses, suppressed anger resulting in indigestion, headaches, irregular heart action, and chronic cough.

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