Tension #2

Stress and tension - chronic pain, neck and back, and MS.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

AMBRA GRISEA (ambergis) Applicable symptoms include extreme hypertension, anxiety, weakened by age or overwork, cramps in hands with the arms numb, stiffness in loins from sitting very long, and a sensation of coldness and numbness in spots. The symptoms are worse from the presence of others and worse from embarrassment or any type of worry.

CINCHONA/CHINA OFFICINALIS (Peruvian bark) Cinchona is a remedy for debility and exhaustion from the loss of vital fluid due to diarrhea and hemorrhages. A few of the many symptoms of this polycrest remedy are insomnia from fantasies, oversensitivity to noise, the intense throbbing of the head and the carotids, sleeplessness from an overactive mind, irritability, heavy pressure on the sacrum, and cold hands and feet.

CUPRUM ACETICUM (copper acetate) A great many of the symptoms of Cuprum are in the head. A few of these are violent throbbing and sharp pains in the forehead, head reels when in a large room, the brain seems to be gone, vertigo, constant protrusion and retraction of the tongue, and inclined to gape and cry.

PHOSPHORUS (the element) The debilitating diseases of Phosphorus are keynoted by the insidious onset, gradually increasing debility with a sudden slide into severe prostrations. This pattern often follows on the heels of a serious emotional shock of some sort.

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