Traumatic Experiences



The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CHERRY PLUM (flower essence) This essence is specific for severe pain, where one feels almost unable to bear the strain. Cherry Plum is used in drug rehabilitation. Prolonged mental effort leads to failing nerves and exhaustion and there are great anguish and distress seen when a person would benefit from this remedy.

FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM (iron phospate) The person for whom this remedy will be appropriate will have been nervous and sensitive before the trauma occurred. The skin will be pale but flushed at the same time with sweaty hands. Look for vertigo and fainting, particularly at the sight of blood. They person may complain of great dizziness with everything spinning around them. Muscle weakness will always be present. Physically, this is a remedy for anemia and for fresh wounds, contusions, and sprains.

KALI IODATUM (potassium iodide) One of the emotional symptoms of this remedy is that troublesome experiences and impressions stay with the person for a long time, becoming the basis of many emotional symptoms. Some of these symptoms are startling at sudden noises, light-headedness, fluttering of the heart, palpitations, weak pulse, and vertigo. The person needing this remedy is often troubled, and despondent.

NARCOTINUM (opium alkaloid) This remedy is interesting in that it has been extensively proven, but very few distinctive and notable symptoms were noted. Those that were seen include vertigo from the least movement of the head, confusion, no mental grasp of anything, brain fatigue, dullness of the senses, loss of consciousness, trembling, and cold sweat with all of these symptoms leading the person toward a state of total collapse.

RED CHESTNUT (flower essence) This Bach flower was listed under the group For Those Who Have Fear by Bach. There is extreme physical nervousness, with tightening of the stomach from fear. The fear of this remedy is fear for the welfare of others, particularly family and friends. When someone we know has been seriously injured there can be a serious response within our own bodies.

ZINCUM PHOSPHORICUM (Zinc phosphate) Zinc phos symptoms include nervousness, vertigo, hysteria, restlessness, repetitive movements, forgetfulness, fearfulness, anxiety, and nervousness when any event is being anticipated. Vertigo. There are claims that this remedy relieves the mental depression and paralysis following strokes and other forms of cerebral congestion. This remedy is changeable with opposites such as being happy, open, and enthusiastic one moment then becoming gloomy and discontented without warning or obvious reason. There may be laughing that turns suddenly to hysterical screaming.

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