Venous Congestion


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

POPULUS CANDICANS (Balm of Gilead) Balm of Gilead is mentioned in the Bible in the context of relief from despair and anguish and is used as a symbol for the Savior. Symptoms include venous congestion, such as varicose veins, that are better for the application of hot cloths. The sound of the heart is irregular and muffled.

THERIDION CURASSAVICUM (orange spider) Spider remedies always have an action on the blood and on the nerves. Symptoms for Theridion are burning feeling in legs and arms, peculiar pain around the heart, and cardiac symptoms are the result of anxiety and stress. Symptoms are better for lying down and worse for walking, particularly upstairs.

VINCA MINOR (lesser periwinkle) Vinca shows a wide range of symptoms in any blood disorder or blood clotting/hemorrhaging problem as well as a tendency to passive uterine hemorrhages. Vein weakness is displayed as capillary problems leading to nosebleeds.

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