The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CALCAREA CARBONICA This is a very important polycrest remedy that constitutes one of the three pillars of Hahnemann’s homeopathic practice. Symptoms of Calcarea carb include abscesses, polyps, worms, psoriasis, swollen glands, small wounds that do not heal well, recurring blood boils, and warts on the face and the hands. This is an anti-psoric remedy which means that there is a plethora of skin symptoms.

CAUSTICUM (caustic potash) Symptoms include seedy warts, itching, soreness in folds of skin and between thighs.

DULCAMARA (woody nightshade) Dulcamara is a glandular and lymphatic remedy. Symptoms include swollen glands, herpes, warts, sore throat, severe itching of the skin and red spots that are worse in wet and cold weather or brought on by it, eczema, rash on infants, skin callous, nettle rash over the whole body, and little boils.

LACTICUM ACIDUM (lactic acid) Acidity of the body with aching pains, nausea, itching and burning of the skin, red spots or blotches on thighs and lower limbs, constant cough that is worse in the spring and the fall are symptoms of Lacticum acidum. All symptoms are made worse by the cold.

NAJA TRIPUDIANS (cobra venom) This is a rare snake remedy that does not have hemorrhage listed in its symptom picture. Symptoms of Naja include skin that is swollen and mottled with small white itching blisters on the inflamed base of the neck and on the nose and on the body. These symptoms occur most often in the afternoon. There are scars that itch and an irritating, dry cough.

NATRUM SULPHURICUM (sodium sulphate) With this remedy the skin is jaundiced, there is eczema that is moist and oozing profusely, watery, yellow blisters, and itching pimples. All symptoms are worse from damp weather and worse from the head injuries that are the common cause of symptoms with this remedy.

SCROPHULARIA NODOSA (knotted figwort) Symptoms include eczema, lymphoma, enlarged glands, skin burns when rubbed, itching that is worse on the back of the hands, the inside of wrists and between the fingers. There are painful hemorrhoids and great drowsiness in the morning.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (arbor vitae) Interesting to this remedy’s symptoms are brown spots on the hands and arms, birthmarks, impetigo with itching, anal warts, the formation of cysts, moles, polyps, and venereal warts. There is rapid exhaustion and emaciation.

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