Weakness #1

Radiation sickness.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CALCAREA FLUORATA (fluoride of lime) Murphy’s Materia Medica lists burns from X-ray and radiation. Other symptoms include sharp pains in hepatic region, bony growths and spurs, deficient enamel of teeth, weakness, nausea and distress—especially when fatigued and gouty enlargements of fingers.

CITRUS LIMONUM (lemon) Symptoms include sore throats, excessive menstruation, powerful effect on blood and circulation, inflammation, daily headaches, stiff, bruised feeling in joints, faintness with a weak pulse, hemorrhage, and painful enlargement of the spleen.

FAGOPYRUM ESCULENTUM (buckwheat) Symptoms of this remedy include stiffness, bruised feeling in muscles and neck, headache with tired neck, throbbing sensation in arteries, pain in the shoulder, pain along the fingertips, and pain in liver region.

FUCUS VESICULOSUS (sea kelp) This is a tissue remedy of great power. Symptoms include constipation followed by watery diarrhea, swelling of the neck around thyroid, indigestion, flatulence, obesity-related to low thyroid function, headache as if the head were being compressed by an iron ring, urine contains blood, nosebleed, and anemia. Kelp, from which this remedy is made, contains iodine and the actions of these two remedies are comparable.

HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS (seven-barks) Much of the purpose of this homeopathic remedy being placed in this combination would be to support the kidneys. Symptoms include bladder catarrh and stones in the bladder and kidneys with bloody urine, abdominal symptoms with sharp pains that are most often on the left side, enlarged prostate, great thirst, and burning during urination.

NATRUM MURIATICUM (common salt) This remedy has a specific action on the emotions, heart, kidney, and spleen. There are pages of symptoms listed in the materia medicas. Among them are blinding headaches, faint feeling, fluttering heart, and heartburn with palpitations.

PHOSPHORUS (the element) Phosphorus is indicated for people who are—or have become as the result of illness—excitable, impressionable, and very weak. The debility of phosphorus often comes on slowly with gradually increasing debility that ends in severe or rapid disease. Profound shock is often the cause. Some of the symptoms of phosphorus are inflammation of mucus membranes and nerves with effects on bone, blood and circulation. The muscles become flabby and weak.

STRONTIUM NITRICUM (strontium nitrate) There are no provings that I can find, just some case histories. The symptoms noted include anemia, fatigue, kidney distress, headache, shock after surgical procedures, high blood pressure with flushed face, pulsating arteries, and threatened stroke. The person may become very forgetful and irritable with a tendency to fly into a rage.

URANIUM NITRICUM (uranium nitrate) This remedy, because of its position on the periodic table, is one for use in situations and illnesses that have become very serious. Symptoms include emaciation, debility, nausea, vomiting, kidney distress with bed-wetting at night, sugar in the urine, headache over the left eye, general acidity, gastric ulcer, pain in pyloric region, nausea and vomiting.

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