Weakness #3

Radiation sickness, and coping with fear and panic.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

AGRIMONY (flower essence) Listed by Bach in the group Oversensitive to Influences and Ideas. There is a denial of one’s own opinions and emotions, restlessness in mind and body, and craving for stimulants. Agrimony will greatly ease the pain of a patient who is smiling despite pain and anxiety./p>

CRAB APPLE (flower essence) The negative aspects of Crab Apple are self-centered, with obsessiveness or shame about appearance their appearance. A tendency to obsess about weight—anorexia and bulimia being common. The emotional pattern manifests in the physical body as accumulated wastes in the bloodstream, chronic poisonings due to environmental hazards, vomiting, nausea, and emaciation.

EUCALYPTUS (flower essence) Symptoms of Eucalyptus include gastrointestinal distress with sleeplessness and restlessness. There is relapsing of ailments that go away then come back again and again. Other symptoms include dull, congestive headache, nervous headache, suppurative inflammation of the kidneys, acute diarrhea, and digestion that is slow, difficult and painful. eucalyptus is said to be a preventive for influenza.

MIMULUS (flower essence) The negative emotions of White Oleander are fear of being left alone and uncared for during an illness, fear of feeling inferior to others gingivitis, tooth decay due to improper nutrient balance caused by a clogged and congested colon, poisons from the colon lodging in joints, fatigue and weakness, and injury to ligaments.

ROCK ROSE (flower essence) Some symptoms associated with Rock Rose include fright and heightened anxiety, prolonged fearful worry, chronic loss of sleep, anger, hatred, irrational resentment, impatience, aggressiveness, feelings of helplessness, desire for peace and rest, lack of physical/mental/emotional endurance, digestive problems, sensitivity to noise and touch, frequent nightmares, and renewed fear of any contact with the person or the situation that originally engendered fear and trauma.

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