Weakness #4

This remedy is meant to bring a measure of comfort and relief from the pain of cancer and cancer treatments.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CARCINOSIN (cancer nosode) Being a nosode, it is usually used intercurrently (along with) another remedy which closely matches the symptoms. Symptoms of Carcinosin are contradictory and alternating states of mind, polyps, keloids, brittle bones, hemorrhoids, chronic or acute insomnia, chronic fatigue, excessive weariness and fatigue, multiple allergies. This remedy is for persons who have lived under great fear for long periods of time. There is usually a great craving for chocolate.

EUPHORBIUM OFFICINARIUM (gum euphorbium) According to Robin Murphy's Materia Medica this remedy would be useful for the pains of cancer, spasmodic flatulent colic, burning pains in the abdomen, bruised pain in occiput and forehead, red swelling of the cheeks, boils and carbuncles. There is sleepiness during the day and chilliness and shivering over the whole body first thing in the morning.

SARCOMA (nosode) There is nothing in the literature about this remedy. I can only assume that it is meant to act along the same lines as other cancer nosodes act. Remedies for the cancer miasm usually fit the profile of highly intelligent, very driven individuals who must always do everything that they do to the very best that it can be done. They also have a great tendancy to take on the responsibilities of others as if it is somehow their job to do everything for everybody.

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