Weakness #5

Geopathic stress, hypersensitivity to electric devices.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CUPRUM METALLICUM (copper metal) This remedy is particularly effective when there are problems with the nerves of the cerebrospinal axis. There will be spasms in the related muscles with violent muscle cramping being common. The cramps are often felt in the toes, fingers, and calves, where the muscles feel knotted. Cramping sensations may also occur in the chest, being felt behind the sternum.

FERRUM METALLICUM (iron metal) Ferrum met is leading polycrest for anything having to do with the uptake of iron and the debilitating anemia that results from poor absorption of iron. This type of weakness is accompanied by extreme weakness and sensitivity to noise. Even though the person is extremely weak and tired, there is always a large degree of restlessness with the person being driven from their bed to walk about restlessly. There is a tendency to bleeding and hemorrhage and any blood seen will be watery and very thin looking. Ferrum is a remedy for blood diseases of any description.

Ferrum is a very emotional remedy. It is as though the person is just too tired—and too discouraged from the overwhelming tiredness—to keep their emotions in check.

SILICA TERRA The materia medicas describe the pattern of Sillica terra as a tendency to easy exhaustion and eventual prostration of mind and body. These extreme states are linked to defective nutrition due to imperfect assimilation of nutrients, often beginning in childhood. Silica terra is keynoted by loss of self-confidence, performance anxiety, and the continual anticipation of failure at the beginning of any enterprise. There is a distinct inability to focus and concentrate and there will be mental difficulties from overexertion of their minds.

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