The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ALOE SOCOTRINA (common aloe) Aloe socotrina is an anti-psoric remedy, giving it a great action on issues of the skin since one of psorsas main characteristics is the pushing out of a symptom from deep within the body to the outside of the body—often on to the skin. A keynote symptom is itching of the skin which appears each year just as winter approaches. There are often hemorrhoids which look like a bunch of grapes and are made better from cold. This remedy affects all of the veins in the abdomen and the pelvic area, the liver, colon, and rectum. Emotional symptoms include being insecure and dissatisfied with self.

ALUMINUM OXYDATA (aluminum oxide) Aluminum poisoning lodged in the cerebrospinal axis causes disturbances in coordination as well as weakness and partial paralysis of muscles. This remedy is specific for these types of problems. There is either extreme dryness of mucus membranes or excess salivation with partial paralysis of involuntary muscles. Senility and dementia are also listed as symptoms of Aluminum and, therefore, as side effects of aluminum poisoning. Other symptoms include memory weakness or loss, forgets things or loses their way (as in Alzheimer’s disease), confusion as to personal identity, and great exhaustion brought on by menstruation—barely recovers before the next cycle begins.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM (native sulphide of antimony) Symptoms include irritability and fretfulness, abdomen is very distended, there is itching and pain of neck and back, yellow crusted eruptions on face and chin, brittle nails, eczema with gastric problems, tenderness of ovarian region with nausea and vomiting, and watery vaginal discharges which sting down the thighs. This is truly a remedy for yeast infections all by itself and should be considered in a stronger potency if the mental and emotional patterns (looked up in a materia medica) match closely.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM (silver nitrate) A keynote of Argentum nitricum is a really great desire for sweets. The person is full of fear, phobias, and anxieties. There is flatulence causing extreme abdominal distension, hypoglycemia, diarrhea from emotions, menses with headache, menses that is irregular or lasting only one day, extreme mucus and erosion of the cervix with bleeding. There is heavy bleeding mid-cycle, usually about 2 weeks after menses.

CHELIDONIUM MAJUS (greater celandine) Chelidonium is a major liver remedy with symptoms more pronounced on the right side. Some symptoms that might apply here are acrid leucorrhea that stain underwear with burning of the vaginal area. The woman is cross and irritable and often suffers from hypoglycemia either just before menses or all of the time. There is a headache that is better after eating and nausea and vomiting with sick headaches.

GAMBOGIA MORELLA (gummi gutti) The main symptom of a yeast infection which is mentioned with Gambogia is violent itching in various parts of the body. There is also profuse, watery diarrhea, gnawing pains in the coccyx, with burning pains and soreness all through the body.

GRAPHITES NATURALIS (black lead) Graphites is a mineral carbon and is related to Carbo animas and Carbo vegetabilis. Graphites, in non-homeopathic form, also contains a small percentage of iron and so is also related to Ferrum in its homeopathic symptom picture.

Some symptoms include a tendency to cracks or fissures at corner of the eyes, the nose, and behind the ears, thickening and scarring of the skin, alternating digestive and skin problems, sensitivity to cold, better after weeping, cannot bear tight clothes around the waist, painless, swollen glands on the side of the neck, itching pimples that are moist after scratching, and unhealthy skin—every cut infects.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM (club moss) Lycopodium is one of 3 basic remedies around which the remedy groups in materia medicas are placed. Symptoms include fear of public speaking, love of power, bloated abdomen with food allergies, diabetes, involuntary urination, and great weakness of digestion with much bloating.

SILICA TERRA (pure flint) A very important keynote of Silica as it relates to yeast infections is that the skin is unhealthy with suppurative processes that are stubborn in clearing. Yeast infections for which many things have been tried with little success often respond to Silica as one of the primary actions of Silica is to push foreign objects and toxic conditions out of the body. There is poor assimilation of nutrients, felons and abscesses, and parts lain on go to sleep or become painful. This remedy is also listed for the ill effects of vaccinations.

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