PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Aventurine aligns the Central Meridian which is the vertical energetic and physical core structure of the body. This is a comforting remedy specific to the heart, which lies along this meridian, and to issues brought on by emotional and/or physical stress. As such it is a remedy of courage. This allows one to let go of limiting beliefs and overcome fear that can keep one from stepping forward into the unknown, when doing so is necessary or would be a good direction.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: This is a remedy (and stone) of adventure, perseverance, enthusiasm. Maybe a misspelling in the naming of the stone, perhaps? (Adventurine?) It promotes the qualities necessary for effective and compassionate leadership. It can help a person see alternative possibilities and is an excellent source of inspiration and courage for those of us who are trailblazers and pioneers in thoughts or actions. Aventurine is said to be particularly effective for relief from long buried fears, especially those whose origins lie in the first seven or eight years of a person’s life. It helps us to recognize the issues behind our illnesses or imbalances, and encourages us to grow in new healthier directions. Aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all the crystals, and will help manifest prosperity and increase favor in games of chance. This beautiful stone also aligns conditions so opportunity is inevitable.

INDICATION OF NEED: A lack of stamina and the ability to complete projects or to overcome obstacles and difficulties. Aventurine declutters the energy field so it is helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or emotionally blocked. It is especially beneficial when the obstacles are one’s own limiting beliefs or the opinions of others.

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