PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Carnelian is a stabilizing stone. It encourages increased circulation and oxygenation of the body, especially circulation through the tiniest of capillaries. It also acts as a respiratory tonic and strengthens tissue regeneration. Carnelian is often used for fatigue, low energy during the day, and for episodes of physical and emotional burnout. It may bring relief from aches in the lower sections of the spine. Carnelian is said to stir up fertility and boost libido. This essence is also helpful for overcoming addictions to alcohol, drugs, and other stimulants.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: Carnelian brings joy to the soul. It encourages one to take bold action if bold action is what is needed in a particular situation or circumstance. The essence of this red-colored stone has a particular affinity for the heart and Heart Chakra and is a remedy for compassion, clarity, peace, and peaceful resolution of disagreements in relationships. It protects against envy, rage and resentment. It improves the analytical abilities of the mind and clarifies perception while strengthening the ability to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. Carnelian is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind.

INDICATION OF NEED: Pronounced tendency to ignore ones own needs while being almost compulsive about service to others. Suffering from a poor sense of personal identity and worth. The person, too often, finds themselves ‘going along to get along’. Giving in to have peace or to find the validation they think they need in the approval of those they serve or give in to. These people, contrary to their best intentions, tend to be an energy drain to those they are trying to serve and even to those they come in contact with. Carnelian boosts our vitality and helps us to fully step into our own personal power.

**All descriptions of spiritual and physical healing properties were researched and collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to treat medical conditions. Butterfly Expressions does not guarantee the accuracy of any of these statements.

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