Green Jasper

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Green Jasper is useful for treating disorders of the stomach and digestive system. It helps reduce toxicity and inflammation. It protects against pollution. Green Jasper stimulates and heals the heart chakra. As the heart and heart chakra come into balance, they move every aspect of the body toward balance and health. This manifests as a stronger immune system which then protects the physical body. The skin is the body’s first defense against invaders. Green Jasper is well-known for treating skin disorders.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: Green Jasper is considered a “growth stone”. The energy of the jaspers is always that of nurturing and healing. The emotional impact is always an increase in courage and wisdom. There is a strong connection to the healing energy of the heart which can help a person find stability and strength. Internal stillness and feelings of solitude that promote communion with Spiritual guidance are the blessings of jaspers. This is especially true of green jasper. An open heart and Heart Chakra, to those who see auras, is a vibrant and beautiful emerald green! This is a remedy for healers who wish to become increasingly sensitive and even more attuned to the needs of others and better able to respond appropriately to those needs.

INDICATION OF NEED: Lack of grounding and connection with the earth and with other people. Disturbances in sexual function and/or desire that are the result of sexual abuse in the past or the present. Overwhelmed by the needs of others. Distracted and exhausted, instead of energized and balanced, when confronted by or working with the emotional and physical needs of others.

**All descriptions of spiritual and physical healing properties were researched and collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to treat medical conditions. Butterfly Expressions does not guarantee the accuracy of any of these statements.

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Green Jasper

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