PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Moonstone is full of feminine energy and helps with PMS, balances the hormones, and powerfully affects the reproductive organs. This remedy should be considered for use during the entire process of labor and delivery. It may have a positive influence on distress from pelvic disorders and on the menstrual cycle. It has been used to help people suffering from fertility issues.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: Moonstone looks like a big moon in the night sky, and is a stone for “new beginnings”. It is an iridescent stone that shimmers, soft and milky. There is a fluid and watery movement within the stone. It soothes emotional instability and stress, providing calmness. A remedy that focuses on inner strength and growth. This is a powerful essence for working with the anxiety and stress that are associated with motherhood, and with the emotional up and down swings experienced by some women before, during, and after their menstrual cycle. As the moon cycles connect us to nature, the essence of Moonstone also reminds us that life also ebbs and flows. Moonstone helps to embrace the cyclical nature of the seasons and life, and to not fear changes.

INDICATION OF NEED: Mood swings—highs or lows—associated with the menstrual cycle or with pregnancy. Touchy, easily upset, over-reactive to perceived slights or insults. A keynote of being fearful of powerful emotions and, as a result, tending to deny them and become over-analytical and defensive.

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