PHYSICAL ASPECTS: As with so many of the gem essences, Ruby balances the heart and circulatory issues are generally improved. It also appears to have an affinity for the lymphatic system and the adrenal glands. It is a remedy to consider using for fatigue, exhaustion, and for increasing energy levels when this is badly needed. Ruby detoxifies the body. It can warm and energize the most sluggish aura. It stimulates the pituitary gland Ruby is said to assist with difficulties associated with sobriety. Ruby has been used to regulate weight.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: Ruby, with its fiery red energy, encourages a zest for life and mitigates tendencies to procrastinate by bringing an individual to a healthy state of confidence and stability. Self-esteem, and decision-making, without second-guessing one’s choices, improve. Leadership becomes a natural aspect of the personality with the ability to set and achieve realistic goals. Ruby aligns a person with their inner strength, and helps to feel more engaged in life.

INDICATION OF NEED: Lethargy or, conversely, hyperactivity. (This display of exaggerated polar opposites is common in homeopathic, blessed waters, and other energetic remedies). Has an affinity for the lower chakras which, when out of balance or depleted create survival or abundance issues. Of course, the lack of energy here may have been created by the survival of a lack of financial resources or emotional support in the past. Detoxification. Sobriety Issues.

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