Sapphire Ruby

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Sapphire and Ruby are an interesting combination. Sapphire strengths lie in its affinity for the upper chakras while Ruby has an affinity for the lower Chakras—a recipe for balance throughout the Chakra system and, therefore, can be expected to manifest throughout the physical body as well.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: Here we may expect to see Sapphire’s clarity and wisdom along with Ruby’s zest for life, self-confidence, and decision making ability, combine into a person who knows their purpose and direction and is translating that knowledge into practical, heart-centered action.

INDICATION OF NEED: A lack of unity and cohesiveness between spiritual promptings and the need to employ the physical body to carry out these promptings. Lethargy—sitting back and waiting for the things anticipated spiritually to come about—OR—conversely, running about furiously, driven by the wind and tossed about, trying to bring vague or misunderstood spiritual prompting to fruition. Weak body or soul connection. Unable to receive physical nurturing.

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Sapphire Ruby

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