Spectrolite is a rare and sought after variety of labradorite quartz and is found only in Finland. It has a richer and stronger iridescent color spectrum than is common with labradorite stones.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Spectrolite is helpful for insomnia, especially when brought on by mental or emotional overload or confusion. It increases physical stamina and fights fatigue. Spectrolite is known to help disorders of the spinal column and alleviate bone issues. Arthritis and Rheumatism may benefit from this stone’s healing powers.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: Spectrolite clears, balances, and protects the aura. It has an affinity for the throat and third-eye chakras. As such, it improves spiritual awareness and intuition (Third Eye Chakra) as well as improving one’s ability to communicate (Throat Chakra). The result is an enhancement of leadership skills in positive ways. This essence helps a person gain more confidence in themselves and their ability to be what they want to be, and to achieve the goals that are important to them. Creativity naturally increases as self confidence improves. As clarity of thought is improved, mood swings should become less frequent and less severe.

INDICATION OF NEED: Caught up on dark perceptions of one’s environment, situation, and personal abilities. Or, even just having a cloudy mindset and living in the past. Lack of self confidence, leadership skills, creativity, and the ability to work consistently toward goals and aspirations. Mood swings as situations are interpreted by the mind with little input from the heart.

**All descriptions of spiritual and physical healing properties were researched and collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to treat medical conditions. Butterfly Expressions does not guarantee the accuracy of any of these statements.

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