BBL Herbal


1.00 Black Cohosh
1.00 Blue Cohosh
1.00 Blue Vervain
1.00 Skullcap
0.50 Lobelia

Total herbs 4.5 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:9
Glycerin Ratio-1:9

BBL is made with Lobelia and combined with Blue Vervain, Blue Cohosh, Black Cohosh, and Skullcap to produce an antispasmodic formula, nervine, and pain reliever. Antispasmodic means that BBL will provide relief from anything that manifests with spasms or pain with a pulsing quality. Examples might be coughing, muscle or abdominal cramping, or any kind of pain that pulses—such as toothache, earache, certain types of stomachache, pleurisy, and boils.

BBL is much more than a pain reliever and antispasmodic. It is also a nervine formula, which means that it also helps to rebuild damaged nerves wherever they may be in the body. BBL has a special affinity for the spine, the motor nerves at the base of the skull, and the brain.

As a pain reliever, BBL should be applied externally to the skin around broken bones, smashed fingers, or strained shoulders. A cloth soaked in BBL and applied as a poultice can relieve even extreme pain. A few drops, in water, should also be taken frequently by mouth.

I smashed the index finger on my right hand thoroughly one day and the pain was excruciating. I put Arnica oil on it—for the swelling. I poured some BBL tincture into a small paper cup and put my finger in it. The pain was manageable that way and within a few hours most of the discoloration, swelling, and pain were gone.

A dropperful of BBL, taken at bedtime or added to the tub for a relaxing bath is one of my favorite ways to relax into a good night’s sleep. There is nothing narcotic, however, in the effects of BBL. There will be no stuporous type feeling, just relaxation and rest.

BBL can be taken internally and applied topically as a liniment for muscle cramps. Topical application does not require the giving of a stimulant. In fact, when using BBL for its relaxant properties, stimulant herbs such as Cayenne, Ginger, or Peppermint should not be used.

A few drops of BBL, and EO oil, is very good in the ear for earache. The BBL acts as a pain reliever while carrying the medicinal properties of the oil more deeply and more rapidly into the affected and painful areas. The addition of BBL increases the antibacterial action of the Garlic and herbs in the EO oil.

Place two drops of EO oil in the ear, followed by 2 or 3 drops of BBL. I always warm both the BBL and the oil, if I possibly can. It is not fun to have something cold dropped into your ear, especially when the ear is hurting already. Put a small piece of a cotton ball in on top of the remedies.

A couple of dropperfuls of BBL in a tub of warm water relieves cramps, including really nasty menstrual ones. Taking it by mouth at the same time is also helpful. Used as a liniment on the abdomen, or on any muscle that is cramping, it brings almost instant relief.

A few drops of BBL should always be considered for convulsions in children. When working with children I usually use the BBL that is made with a glycerin base rather than alcohol. The alcohol formula is best for use in the tub, although you can use the glycerite. The glycerite leaves just a little bit of a sticky feeling on the skin after the bath. For convulsions—and the prevention of convulsions during a fever—I use a few drops of glycerin BBL by mouth and a bath in lukewarm water at the same time.

BBL is also excellent for the treatment of asthma—both as a way of dealing with an attack and as part of a long-term, overall program. Lobelia, added to any respiratory formula, will facilitate the clearing of the passages.

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