BP Herbal


(Formerly Blood Pressure)

1.00 Shepherd’s Purse
0.75 Gotu Kola
0.50 Dandelion
0.50 Osha
0.25 Brigham Tea
0.125 Cayenne
0.50 Ma Huang (the FDA has made this herb unavailable to us)
substitute the following for the Ma Huang
0.25 Red Clover
0.125 Chaparral
0.125 Goldenrod

Total herbs 3.625 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:9
Glycerin Ratio-1:10

If Brigham Tea is not available, increase Goldenrod to .25 and add .125 of Wood Betony.

BP has been used for many years and by many people to reduce high blood pressure. Most people were able to eventually maintain optimum blood pressure without medication. HVC or Cayenne needs to be included in the daily regimen.

A diet which includes lots of fresh vegetables—especially green ones—is essential. Improving the diet always improves the chance of good results with any health problem! This is especially true of blood pressure. A moderate exercise program is also recommended. Exercise has a dramatic effect on the digestive system, enabling the body to uptake nutrients much more efficiently.

In short, this tincture is meant to aid the body by providing concentrated amounts of nutrients that have probably been in short supply in the body for a long time. If the situations that created the shortages are not addressed, it is like pouring these nutrients into a bucket with a very large hole in it.

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