BP Herbal


(Formerly Brain Therapy)

0.375 Hibiscus
0.5 Gingko Leaf
0.375 Rhodiola Root
0.375 Gotu Kola
0.5 Astragalus
0.5 Wood Betony
0.5 Passion Flower
0.25 Licorice
0.5 Lavender
0.5 Eleuthero
0.5 Spearmint

Total herbs 4.875 oz
Glycerin Ratio-1:12

BT was formulated to help kids and adults with ADHD and anxiety. It contains herbs known to improve overall brain health.

These herbs are useful for promoting circulation, oxygen, and blood flow to the brain. BT is excellent for helping to maintain focus, boost memory, and increase alertness. It will help to balance the brain and improve your mood. BT helps to reduce fatigue, stimulates the immune system, and eases depression.

Several of the herbs in this formula are noted for their ability to help reduce stress, calm nervous tension, and help ease anxiety-making it excellent for stressful times such as tests or exams. BT will gently nourish the nerves and reduce pain associated with headaches. Taking BT regularly will help to prevent headaches from occurring.

This tincture is appropriate as a daily long-term supplement, as it helps to strengthen the tiny vessels and capillaries in brain tissue. Several of the herbs contained in this blend are excellent at extending mental clarity into old age. Unlike some traditional ADHD treatments, BT will not cause afternoon energy crashes, stomach aches, or sleep disruptions. BT is sugar-free and caffeine-free.

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