EM Herbal


(Formerly Endometriosis Formula)

0.50 Chaste Tree
0.50 False Unicorn
0.50 Raspberry
0.50 Chamomile
0.50 Cramp Bark
0.50 Blue Cohosh
0.25 White Oak
0.25 Skullcap

Total herbs 3.50 oz

Endometriosis occurs when the same tissue found in the lining of the uterus is found outside of the uterus. It may attach itself to the outside wall of the uterus. EM dissolves this Endometriosis lining. This is a slow process it may take a while to notice any improvement. A good Nattokinase supplement can help with this as well. This has only been tested by a few women.

To find out more information about Endometriosis go to the Endometriosis blog.

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