EO Herbal


(Ear Oil)

0.50 Calendula
0.50 Mullein
0.50 Usnea
0.50 White Willow

36 oz almond oil (olive oil may be used if that is what you prefer)
1 oz vitamin E oil (if available)

1/2 bud—not clove—of Garlic or 4 to 5 drops Garlic essential oil added after straining. Be sure to mix the essential oil in very well!

Total herbs 2.0 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:18

Combine all ingredients except the Garlic (this is added after the tincture is strained), and cover with a soft cloth. Let stand for 2 weeks. Stir the mixture at least once each day, making sure that the herbs remain down in the oil. Strain, then add the Garlic.

This can also be made from oils that you have made with the fresh herbs during the season. Excellent!

Use for ear infections by placing 3-5 drops in the ear along with 2-3 drops of BBL tincture. (The BBL should be the alcohol tincture, not the glycerite.) Then place a small piece of cotton in the ear.

EO should always be used with an infection fighting formula. Taking some Rosehip tea or tincture will provide extra vitamin C, which will speed up the healing process.

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