FN Herbal


(Formerly Antifungal or Pau D’Arco/Usnea)

1.00 Pau D’Arco
1.00 Usnea
0.50 Black Walnut Leaf
0.50 Calendula
0.50 Echinacea
0.25 Oregon Grape
0.25 Myrrh

Total herbs 4.0 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:16

Fungal infections have many unique properties. First, they thrive in environments that are common to our daily lives, so getting rid of them can require paying careful attention and being very consistent and persistent. Second, many of the best infection fighting herbs are only moderately successful against a well-established fungus. This formula contains some of the best fungal fighters available.

FN should be taken internally as a tea or tincture to fight fungal infection. It is best used as a strong tea when soaking body parts, such as the feet for athlete’s foot. An alcohol tincture applied topically would sting and irritate and an oil or glycerin based tincture would feed the fungus, making things worse instead of better.

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