FV Herbal


(Formerly Fever)

2.00 Elderflower
2.00 Peppermint

Total herbs 4.0 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:14
Glycerin Ratio-1:12

FV causes perspiration and, as a result, lowers fever. The heat of a fever is the body’s way of killing the invading bacteria, virus, or fungus. A fever should never be suppressed by any means other than producing a good sweat. Sweating will not totally “break” a fever, bringing the temperature back down to normal, but it will bring it to the lowest possible point at which the “critters” are still being destroyed.

FV is usually made in glycerin, especially for use with infants and children. These two herbs pull very well in glycerin, and would be appropriate for adults also. Dosage is 15-30 drops every 2-3 hours.

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