LS Herbal


(Formerly Labor Stimulator)

2.00 Blue Cohosh tincture
1.00 FSW tincture (formerly Five/Six week formula)
0.50 Bayberry tincture

This is generally made by adding 2 ounces of Blue Cohosh tincture and a half ounce of Bayberry tincture to one ounce of FSW tincture. This keeps the proportion correct and doesn’t give you such a large quantity.

LS is meant to stimulate a labor that has stalled out or is progressing abnormally slow. Using Lobelia/Cayenne at the same time is particularly effective.

This formula does not induce labor. Attempting to use it in this way will most likely only make you even more uncomfortable for a time and you will end up continuing to wait anyway. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn patience (and waiting on the Lord’s timetable). If this formula seemed to work for someone to start labor, it was because everything was ready and labor would have started in a few hours on its own anyway.

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