MC Herbal


(Formerly Miscarriage Aid)

1.50 False Unicorn
0.50 Lobelia

Total herbs 2.0 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:5

In some women, a hormone imbalance slows or prevents the protective covering around the fertilized egg, called the corpus luteum, from dissolving when it should. If this covering does not dissolve, the tiny little embryo cannot implant along the wall of the uterus. Non-implantation results in a very early miscarriage. This formula, taken at the first sign of spotting, often corrects this problem, allowing the fetus to implant securely. If you have miscarried during the first 10 weeks of a pregnancy previously, consider taking MC as soon as you realize you are pregnant. In fact, it would be best to do some serious hormone balancing work before the next attempted pregnancy. The PHB tincture is specific for this situation. In the event of miscarriage anyway, this formula will help clean tissue and/or infection out of the uterus. Herbs and homeopathic remedies for excessive bleeding should be included in this event.

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