MIN Herbal


(Formerly Minerals)

1.50 Alfalfa
1.00 Nettles
1.00 Oatstraw
0.50 Horsetail (Shavegrass)
0.50 Raspberry Leaf
0.25 Dulse
0.25 Yarrow
0.125 Chamomile
0.125 Dill Seed

Total herbs 5.25 oz
Glycerin Ratio-1:14.5

MIN contains the same three herbs—Dulse, Nettles, and Alfalfa—as KNA along with herbs for hormone balance, calming the nerves, strengthening the pancreas, and supporting the kidneys. MIN makes an excellent daily mineral supplement and is safe to use when pregnant or nursing.

I like to make MIN as a glycerite and take it every time I think about it. I have so much more energy and better health whenever I do. It also makes a reasonably pleasant tea for use when pregnant or nursing.

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