MS Herbal


(Formerly Multiple Sclerosis)

1.00 Dong Quai
1.00 Ginkgo
1.00 Hawthorn
0.50 Astragalus
0.25 Bee Pollen
0.25 Skullcap
0.25 St. John’s Wort

Total herbs 4.25 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:6

Other things to consider supplementing with: KNA tincture, KB or KT tincture, Bilberry, Vitamin E, EPA oils, Selenium, Apis melifica homeopathic, Multiple Organ & Glandular homeopathic, oats and oatbran, essential oils

It is important to support the kidneys and keep the liver as clean as possible in spite of any drug therapies the person may be on. I have seen, personally, people in wheel chairs make sufficient progress to resume walking with only the support of a cane, and be able to drive themselves shopping again without assistance.

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