PARA Herbal


(Formerly Parasites)

It is recommended that you try Miracle II neutralizer and Miracle II soap, as directed on their website, for parasites instead. It is much gentler on the intestinal tract and very effective. Call Butterfly Express, or search the internet for more information.

1.00 Burdock
1.00 Senna
1.00 Wormwood
0.50 Black Walnut Hulls
0.50 Black Walnut Leaf
0.50 Wintergreen
0.25 Fennel

Total herbs 4.75 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:8

Can be made as a regular tincture or as a glycerite for use with children. When I make it as a glycerite, I use 3 parts glycerin, 1 part honey, and 2 parts distilled water.

If made as an alcohol tincture use twenty drops; as a glycerite take 1/2 teaspoon. The remedy should be done morning and night for 3 days. On the fourth day drink 1 cup of Senna/Peppermint tea. There is a divergence of opinion on how often to repeat. Version 1: wait 10 days and repeat. Version 2: repeat twice with a 3 day wait in between. I think it depends on the gestation period of the type of parasite you are fighting. Once again, muscle testing (or your impressions and instincts) should guide you here.

We have tried both methods and been successful at getting rid of parasites. The effect on the colon was quite devastating. It took some months of acidophilus (acidophilus was also taken on the rest days between doses) and enzymes to rebuild the healthy flora and fauna of the colon. The parasite cleanse also seemed to deplete vitamins and minerals from the body, so be sure to follow up with KNA, BHM, or MIN.

The situation would have to be pretty desperate for me to try this again, or recommend it to anyone else. I think it is more harsh than is usually necessary! We have had good success with gentler methods. Please see the chapter on anthelmintic herbs for other recommendations that are gentler and more effective.

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