TRT Herbal


(Formerly Sore Throat Gargle)

0.50 Bayberry
0.50 Echinacea
0.50 Goldenseal Root
0.50 Oregon Grape
0.125 Cayenne

Total herbs 2.125 oz

I prefer to make this formula up as a tea and then use the tea, warm, as a gargle. You can, however, keep it made up as a tincture. Dilute the tincture with warm water (almost hot) and gargle. The hot water dissipates the alcohol. Using the tincture has the advantage of already being made up when you need it. Gargling with TRT liquefies the phlegm, encourages its expulsion, eases the pain, reduces the inflammation, and fights infection.

There are essential oils that are very helpful with sore throats. They can be used in place of TRT or, better yet, in conjunction with it.

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