TY Herbal


(Formerly Thyroid)

1.00 Dulse
1.00 Oregon Grape
1.00 Nettles
0.50 Alfalfa
0.50 Irish Moss
0.50 Gotu Kola
0.50 Parsley Root

Total herbs 5.0 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:10
Glycerin Ratio-1:10

This recipe is effective in providing the minerals that are needed for healthy thyroid function. These nutrients are often missing in the diets of people living in the mountain west, as I do.

Thyroid medication has a lot of nasty side-effects and it does not even claim to heal the thyroid. The medications are artificial thyroid hormones. Having them in the system sends a signal to the thyroid gland that there is enough of the hormone in the body and it doesn’t need to produce any more. The result is an ever increasing need for the medicines in ever increasing dosages until, in too many cases, the side effects become quite nasty. Doctors play a game of moving people from one medication to another in an attempt to keep the side effects manageable.

The current medical standard for what numbers indicate a low thyroid are appallingly low. By the time your test comes back low enough for the doctor to mention the problem to you, you have been in trouble quite a while. Up to that point, a judgement call has already been made. Perhaps, the theory is, the thyroid will recover without medication and all will be well and things aren’t quite bad enough to justify the medications with their long list of side effects. The beauty of the herbal world is that we don’t have to make those kinds of judgements. The remedies we give provide the body with nutrients, not drugs. There are not side effects except those created when the body uses the nutrients to cleanse itself of toxins.

KNA also provides the nutrients needed by the thyroid. Taking one or the other as a daily supplement whether or not you have thyroid issues will ensure that you never do and will make you feel more healthy and energetic.

The thyroid gland requires a lot of nourishment. Approximately 6 liters of blood pass through the thyroid every day, but this doesn’t do much to keep the thyroid “fed” unless the required nutrients are available in the blood.

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