VIB Herbal


(Formerly Vibrunalgia)

1.00 Cramp Bark
0.50 Blue Cohosh
0.50 Motherwort
0.50 Pulsatilla (See substitute)
0.25 Cloves
Substitute the following for the Pulsatilla:
0.25 Gentian
0.25 Horsetail

Total herbs 2.75 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:10

This formula has been used by midwives to help release a stubborn placenta after a birth. VIB is also sometimes used if there is abnormally heavy bleeding as the monthly cycle begins again following childbirth and the nursing phase. VIB can also be used, with discretion, to clean the uterus of lingering bits of tissue when fibroids have been bled off.

Pulsatilla in herb form has not been available in my adult lifetime. (I leave it in the recipe in case it ever is.) Gentian and Horsetail make a nice addition to this formula but they do not fully replace the Pulsatilla. The homeopathic form of Pulsatilla, Pulsatilla nigricans, in low potency, may be used with this formula to replace the herb if the symptoms match the homeopathic remedy picture. If Pulsatilla symptoms don’t fit, don’t use it.

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