WC Herbal


(Formerly Wild Cherry Cough Syrup)


1.50 Wild Cherry Bark-process separately, WITHOUT heat and add later (See instructions below.)
1.00 White Pine
0.50 Coltsfoot
0.50 Elderberries
0.50 Elecampane
0.50 Horehound
0.50 Licorice Root
0.50 Lobelia
0.50 Mullein
0.25 Slippery Elm

Total herbs 6.25 oz
Glycerin Ratio-1:10

WC is an excellent cough and expectorant formula. It is more effective when given in frequent small doses—1/2 to 1 teaspoon, depending on the age of the patient, than in 2 or 3 larger doses. WC will liquefy mucous in the throat, lungs, and sinuses. This allows the body to either internalize it or expectorate it according to need.

WC is very effective at quieting a dry, hacking cough where the throat is irritated but there is no mucous needing to be expelled. Most people become anxious for the next dose because WC relieves the heat and dryness associated with some sore throats.

WC is a cough syrup and should always be taken with the appropriate infection-fighting herbs.

Specific instructions for making WC:

The Wild Cherry Bark CANNOT be heated. (See instructions below.) WC is a glycerite tincture. The basic instructions for making a glycerin tincture apply.

Begin by making 60 ounces of menstruum using a ratio of 60% glycerin/40% water. This breaks down to 4.5 cups glycerin and 3 cups distilled water.

Use 10 oz of the water/glycerin mixture for tincturing the Wild Cherry Bark separately. The Wild Cherry Bark is done separately because it cannot be heated. Let the Wild Cherry Bark portion sit for 24 hours at room temperature.

Place the remaining herbs and the last 50 ounces of menstruum in a glass jar with a tight lid. Process in a cold pack canner keeping the water level above the contents of the jar. Keep the water gently boiling, as you would for cold pack canning fruit, for 2 hours. You will need to stir the mixture about every half hour. Remove the lid of the jar, stir, and replace the lid. Do not leave your lid off for any longer than you have to. The steam will contain volatile oils from the herbs so you do not want too much of your steam escaping the jar! (Same principle applies when making herbal teas.)

When your 2 hours are up turn the heat off and let the tincture cool completely. Strain both the herb batch and the Wild Cherry Bark batch and combine. I like to add 6 drops of benzoin essential oil as a preservative at this point.

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