ABF Herbal


(Formerly Afterbirth Formula)

1.00 Cramp Bark
0.50 Catnip
0.25 Motherwort
0.25 Skullcap
0.25 St. John’s Wort
0.25 Yarrow

Total Herbs 2.5 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:12

To be used for the pain of after-birth contractions. This is an amazingly effective formula. The St. John’s Wort cleanses the uterus, removing any last tiny pieces of placenta, while lifting the mood and helping the mother avoid postpartum depression. The Yarrow helps to control unnecessary bleeding and the other herbs are for pain relief while, at the same time, assuring that the uterus folds down properly (and stays folded).

If there is any cause for concern (when the placenta is examined) that a small piece might have been left behind, take VIB tincture with ABF and/or apply Angelica essential oil topically to aid in releasing the last bits of placenta. VIB and Angelica essential oil can also be used if the placenta is slow to release after birth. I like to use all three routinely with every birth. I believe that many a problem has been averted, since I saw a proportionally low number of retained placentas and pieces of placenta left behind in my former life as an herbal midwife.

LeMillenia (an essential oil blend from Butterfly Express, LLC) applied to the abdomen after birth will help the uterus firm up, controlling and limiting bleeding. Be sure to wait to apply LeMillenia until after the placenta has been delivered.

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