Arnica Herbal


Arnica montana


PROPERTIES: Tonic (muscles), Vulnerary, Anti-inflammatory

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Integumentary, Muscular

POSSIBLE USES: bruises, sprained or pulled muscles, during birth to prevent or relieve swelling of vaginal tissues, arthritis


Arnica is useful for bumps, bruises, and inflammation. Arnica works on sore, tight muscles and helps to reduce swelling of injured areas. Applying Arnica Oil immediately after the injury can prevent swelling; application later on can reduce swelling that has already taken place. Arnica is also effective in relieving the pain of arthritic joints and swollen feet.

In recent years, Arnica is being used by midwives as the oil of choice during exams for dilation during labor. It is absolutely incredible how the application of a little bit of Arnica oil “melts away” any swelling of tissues that may be occurring, and prevents bruising and trauma to those very delicate tissues. One of the most important things I learned in the last few years of my midwife practice. (Thanks to Laura Lechner, friend and trainer.)

Arnica in herbal/oil form is ment for external use only. Arnica Oil is said to cause swelling in exposed muscle tissue, so it is not used on open wounds or deep abrasions except in homeopathic form. Arnica is one of my favorite healing plants and should be in every first aid kit!

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