Canada Snake Herbal

Canada Snake

Asarum canadense


PROPERTIES: Diaphoretic, Sudorific, Emetic, Emmenagogue

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Reproductive, Digestive

POSSIBLE USES: preparation for childbirth


Canada Snake is also known as Wild Ginger. It has been used as a medicine in Europe, mostly in childbirth, for at least a couple of hundred years. It is present, in a very small proportion, in a “tried and true” remedy for preparing for childbirth that was created by a very experienced midwife and the midwife that delivered most of my own children. Mixed with other herbs and in such a small proportion, it is both safe and very effective at toning the uterus in preparation for birth.

Although it was considered an herbal “bitter” and said to stimulate the digestive system in the distant past, I would certainly not use it by itself or even in a combination where it was a major part. Overdose would be easy and, in my opinion, dangerous.

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