EW Herbal


(Formerly Energy/Weight Loss)

1.00 Dulse
1.00 Ma Huang
0.50 Dandelion
0.25 Mustard Seed
you will need to substitute the following herbs for the Ma Huang:
0.50 Brigham Tea
0.50 Red Clover
0.25 Chaparral
0.25 Goldenrod
0.25 Goldenseal Root

Total herbs 3.5 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:9

Ma Huang is no longer available, thanks to the FDA—see substitutions above. If Brigham Tea is unavailable, increase the proportions of the Red Clover, Chaparral, and Goldenrod. (Red Clover would become 0.75, Chaparral 0.375, and Goldenrod 0.375) Brigham Tea is in the same botanical family as Ma Huang, although it is milder. The FDA has not made it a target, yet. Ma Huang is an outstanding metabolic stimulant. The substituted herbs do a reasonably good job at the same task.

The focus of EW is nutritional. Dulse contains a wide variety of nutrients, including the iodine that is essential to thyroid function. EW also contains herbs which are stimulating to the metabolism, helping the body to burn calories more efficiently. Some of the herbs contained in EW are diuretics, which helps the body to shed excess water.

Ma Huang and Chaparral should not be taken for extended periods of time. Six months should be the maximum.

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