Feverfew Herbal


Tanacetum parthenium

PART USED: Leaf and flower

PROPERTIES: Adaptogenic, Diaphoretic, Sedative, Nervine, Stimulant to the uterus, Sudorific, Anti-inflammatory, Antihistaminic, Digestive bitter

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Reproductive, Digestive, Liver

POSSIBLE USES: PMS, labor, headaches, liver/digestive disorders, fever, asthma, hay fever, tinnitus, asthma

As an adaptogenic, Feverfew can have a stimulant or a relaxant effect on the uterus. It can bring on suppressed periods, relieve the pain, cramping, and other symptoms associated with PMS, and has also been used for the symptoms of menopause. Feverfew is one of the best herbs to regulate the contractions of childbirth, making the contractions firm and regular. Feverfew is also used to relax a rigid cervix.

For migraine sufferers, prolonged use of Feverfew regulates the circulation. Some studies indicate that when taken over a period of time, Feverfew relieved the pain for the majority of the sufferers, and many of them had no further migraines later.

Feverfew is an herbal “bitter” and has a beneficial action on the liver and bile ducts. Feverfew is said to relieve the pain and inflammation of arthritis and acts as a nervous system tonic in relaxing tension, lifting depression, and promoting restful sleep.

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