Stone Root Herbal

Stone Root

Collinsonia canadensis


PROPERTIES: Diuretic, Tonic (hepatic), Antioxidant, Antilithic

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Circulatory, Digestive, Nervous

POSSIBLE USES: headaches, cramps, indigestion, sore throats, kidney/bladder issues, chest congestion


The principal uses of Stone Root have to do with its diuretic and kidney stone dissolving properties. Many people do not realize that this herb is also believed to help with a variety of circulatory conditions. Among them are rectal itching and hemorrhoid pain. Stone Root strengthens veins and seems to reduce back pressure in the veins, especially those in the rectal area. Stone Root is an excellent tonic for those persons who feel cold most of the time.

The astringent properties of Stone Root contract the inner lining of the intestines, making it helpful in treating digestive system disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, mucosal colitis, and diverticulitis. The leaves and roots are used as poultices for bruises, cuts, and sores.

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