Wild Lettuce Herbal

Wild Lettuce

Lactuca virosa

PART USED: Aerial portion

PROPERTIES: Sedative, Analgesic

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Nerves, Muscles, Endocrine/Glandular

POSSIBLE USES: insomnia, over-activity or over-stimulation in children, coughs


Wild Lettuce is a safe sedative that can be given to adults and children to encourage a restful night’s sleep. A small dose can calm over-excitability in children and nervous tension in adults. The sedative properties may be used to quiet a cough but care should be taken to quiet only dry unproductive coughs, and not to use this herb to quiet a cough that is expelling phlegm that needs to be gotten out of the body. Wild Lettuce is also an excellent pain killer and is said to lower the libido.

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