Yellow Dock Herbal

Yellow Dock

Rumex crispus


PROPERTIES: Astringent, Alterative (blood cleanser), Biliary (stimulates bile), Nutritive (builds up blood), Bitter, Laxative

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Blood, Skin, Liver, Intestines, Lymphatics, Spleen, Gallbladder

POSSIBLE USES: anemia, blood disorders, lymphatic clogging, skin issues, hemorrhoids, bleeding in the lungs, bile congestion, arthritis


Yellow Dock is a powerful astringent, liver cleanse, and blood purifier. Yellow Dock along with the rest of the Burdock family were favorite remedies of Dr. John R. Christopher. However, in our day when so many people are taking an entire shopping list of drugs at the same time, a little bit of caution is recommended with any of the docks because they may dump more drug residue more quickly than is safe or comfortable for many people. Even if a person has been herbal for years, taking no medication, our environment is very full of toxins and poisons that are, for the most part, unavoidable.

If a person’s system has been cleaned out fairly well and Yellow Dock can be tolerated, this is a very nutritive herb. Yellow Dock is high in iron, making it a useful herb for treating anemia. Yellow Dock also nourishes the spleen and the liver. I believe that once Yellow Dock is done “housecleaning” there are few herbs that build up and tone the body better than Yellow Dock.

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