72 Hour Kit

In the event of an emergency where you may need to survive on your own for a few days, this 72 Hour kit will help you and your family be more comfortable both physically and emotionally. It helps with minor wounds, insect bites, respiratory issues, viral bacterial exposure, anxiety and feelings of weakness or despair. Along with your practical knowledge of first aid and safety this is a valuable kit to have readily available.

This kit comes in the Small Bag. This bag will hold 19 bottles of oil.

Color choices include
Blue, Burgundy, Green, or Black

This kit includes the following 9 10ml oils:

Blends (7)
LeBreezey, LeDeliverance, LeEndoRelief, LeLife Force, LeMela Plus, LeMillenia,LeTranquility

Singles (2)
Lavender, Yarrow Blue

Also includes a 2oz Coconut Oil