Chakra Essential Oil Kit

Chakras, or Energy Centers as they are sometimes called, seem to exist on all levels of our subtle bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical). The energy of the chakras communicates freely with the denser matter of our physical bodies. Chakras can be compared to energy transformers which allow the higher energy frequencies of the spiritual, mental, or emotional bodies to function and communicate with the lower frequency levels of the physical body. Chakras are energy and they respond very readily to the energy patterns of essential oils.

This kit comes in the Wood Box. This box will hold 25 bottles of oil.

This kit includes the following (12) 10ml oils:

Blends (9)
LeAngel, LeBenediction, LeConnection,LeDiscernment, LeEndoRelief, LeHeartSong, LeMeditation, LeSanctuary, LeTranquility, LeUnity, LeVision, LeWisdom

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